Novation Senior Commons Floor Plans

Novation Commons features 1- and 2-bedroom apartments

with additional spaces, including a luxurious common area and exercise & exam rooms.

Novation Senior Commons consists of one 4-story building containing 60 units with spacious layouts. One-bedroom units average 751 square feet, while the two-bedroom units average 1,014 square feet.

Please click the images to see larger, more detailed floor plans of Novation Senior Commons apartments in Madison, WI.

1 bedroom

Unit Type B – 1 Bedroom

1 bedroom unit C

Unit Type C – 1 Bedroom

1 bedroom C-ADA

Unit Type C-ADA – 1 Bedroom

2 bedroom unit D

Unit Type D – 2 Bedroom

2 bedroom

Unit Type A – 2 Bedroom

2 bedroom unit A2

Unit Type A2 – 2 Bedroom

2 bedroom unit F

Unit Type F – 2 Bedroom

1 bedroom unit E

Unit Type E – 1 Bedroom